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Singletons are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

You might get the over-thinker, for example, who scrutinises over whether to send 17 purple love hearts instead of 16. Perhaps you might get the career-driven one, who is a caffeine-run, “I’M FINE”-saying human on a one-way trip to success. Or maybe you might get the one who’s absolutely dominating the Tinder game, basking in the glory of their overflowing matches and thriving in their singledom.

Either way, you can probably pinpoint which of your mates belong in each category. In fact, you’re probably chatting to all of these single types, or at least people who display some of these characteristics, in your current group chat right now.

That being said, we don’t all react the same when it comes to dating. In fact, I hereby refuse to have all of us singletons pigeonholed into one category – we deserve equal and fair representation! Who’s with me?

Janice is with me!

Cheers Janice, now back to what my empowering speech… All singletons are not unidimensional.

*Empowering music starts to build*

There are many of us singletons out there in the world. It goes without saying, but we’re all multifaceted humans at different stages in terms of self-love, exploration and confidence. But no matter what stages they may be, we all deserve some lovin’ and yearn for said lovin’ in different ways.

With this in mind, let’s deep dive into the various stereotypical single types that you’ve probably (definitely) encountered. Please, sit back, and let queen Nina Oyama take the stage.

Alexa, play Lizzo “Good As Hell”. Today’s gonna be a good day.

Image: Instagram / @taylorswift