PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Tinder to get y'all connected.

Your fave podcast has returned for episode three and phwoah boy, it’s insightful as hell.

If you’re still unfamiliar with Waiting For A D8 (which I mean, come on), it’s the dating podcast to end all dating podcasts. Shameless brag, it was also one of the featured podcasts on iTunes which is a pretty big fucking deal people.

In the previous eps we’ve chatted to the likes of The Bachie‘s Apollo Jackson, Love Island‘s Erin Barnett and Starley, dived into petty as fuck deal breakers (bad shoes does not make a bad person, personally) and unleashed the worst first date stories in existence.


For episode three, we roped in poddy host Lucinda Price‘s dad who no joke, gives the most intuitive dating advice you’re ever going to hear. It made me feel less shit about being single which is a ‘uge accomplishment in itself.

Lucinda and her dad also go toe-to-toe when it comes to dating through Tinder and why it’s common practice among young professionals.

She also chats to Alison Tinderland, the woman behind the award-winning podcast, Dating Upside Down. She’s been dating for 20 years straight and has the receipts (or wisdom) to prove it.

If that’s not enough to cram into one podcast, we also speak to journalist Eliza Sholly who gives a batshit account of one of her previous dates who happened to be part of a wildly conservative family. The whole ordeal sounds like one tense ride.

Have a listen below:

Image: iStockphoto / shapecharge