Tinder Revealed Its Biggest Trends For 2020 & Our Flirt Game Is All Dad Jokes And Shit Talk

tinder trends 2020

It’s been a hell of a year to be in the dating pool, for the single pringles among us feeling like we’re just treading water in the deep end instead of actually swimming. Dating went from enduring small talk over a beer at the pub to video chats and forever trying to find the most flattering angle and, apparently, a lot of chat about dunny roll. Tinder has released its end-of-year stats about our swiping habits for this garbage-fire year, and as always, it’s a very interesting peek into our collective flirt game.

Sure, the world might have been in the shitter but apparently, all y’all on Tinder couldn’t stop gabbing about toilet paper. Mentions of shit tickets jumped up 290% in March, hugely up on the amount it was being discussed in March 2019, and the use of the ol’ bog roll emoji was in 60x more profiles than last year.

God you lot just love talking shit, don’t you? Like, literally.

Panic buying clearly brought out the dad jokes within us all, because some of the profile highlights from this year used truly incredible one-liners that your old man would dream of dropping at the next family dinner.

My favourite? It’s gotta be the absolute weapon who has “one-ply, two-ply, three-ply, waiting for that re-ply” in their bio. Whoever bragged about using masks bought for the bushfires for the pandemic gets a nod though, even though I’m about 98% sure they’re meant to be different kinds.

The most-used emoji on Tinder this year was the shrug emoji, which is pretty much everyone’s reaction to literally everything about this year. Not much of a surprise there.

tinder trends 2020 emoji

Interestingly, out of all the fastest-growing emojis from this year, the tiger emoji was fourth on the list. Whether that’s people making smooth moves about Tiger King or an alarming number of Richmond supporters on Tinder still celebrating the Granny is not known, but I personally want to believe it’s just Dusty Martin out there in the ether somewhere.

In a blessing for the dating world, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s huge gushy banger WAP pretty much became the unofficial anthem this year. When the track dropped in August, it became a source of inspiration for people on The Apps to be more unapologetic about their sexuality.

That and it provided more space for people to make primo jokes, like one person who admitted to having a WAP – Weak. Ass. Pick-up lines.