We’re nearly halfway through 2015, and just about everyone of a certain age bracket has managed to pick themselves up at least one Tinder story. Either first or second hand.

And that mountain of stories – good, bad, and ugly – is providing the backbone for a new web series that’s aiming to hit the sweet spot somewhere between Crank Yankers and Taxi Cab Confessions.

Tales From Tinder is taking the real-life stories from Tinder users and softening the blow (pun not intended but gleefully claimed) by reenacting the events through the majesty of puppetry.

The brainchild of Melbourne filmmaker Emma Watts, the series launches today with two preview episodes featuring encounters with ex-girlfriends, profoundly awkward love triangles, poorly timed goon bags (apparently a real thing) and projectile vomiting Teddy Bears.

It’s oddly hypnotic, and combined with the light jazz soundtrack, it makes for some damned funny viewing.

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