Australia, your thirst officially knows no bounds: 15% of the entire Australian population is now using Tinder on the reg.

Put that in perspective: that’s three and a half million. That’s seven times the population of Tasmania. That’s 50 million swipes a day, 365 days of the year.

Considering Tinder gets a spike in media stories every couple months (like this one), it’s not surprising that numbers are high, but FIFTEEN PERCENT HOLY HELL MATES. Are your batteries okay? Do you need a hug?

Tinder HQ told us that, users per capita, Australia beats out major players Brazil, France, the UK, and the USA for the #1 spot.

Since their astronomical success (the app only launched in Sydney two years ago), there’s been a slew of dating apps marketing themselves as the ‘anti-Tinder’, including Hinge (which requires any matches to have at least one mutual Facebook friend) and Coffee Meets Bagel (which shows you one match per day, and gives you 24 hours to decide on them).

There’s also competing app loveflutter, which unfortunately markets itself as the “quirkier” Tinder. If you’re wondering what that looks like, it’s this:

…I can barely breathe out of my right nostril…

*dusts hands*
*exits the dating game from now until eternity*

Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, loveflutter – they’re capturing niche markets in Tinder’s slipstream, but not one has come close to dethroning it. Like Uber and Instagram, Tinder was a game changer that transcended the app space and became part of our vernacular, a digital means to examine our own quirky lives. 

You’ve also got everyone and their mum trying to launch something to ride on Tinder’s success, which has the dual effect of more publicity, and likely more users. There’s Tinder puppetsTinder IRL,Tinder marriage equality campaigns, and most horrifyingly, Hands-Free Tinder, an Apple Watch app measures your heart rate and swipes accordingly. 

Nightmares of accidentally swiping right due to an old hookup / increasing heart-rate fiasco aside, it looks like Tinder’s game – *puts on sunglasses* – is heating up.

Lead image: Robert Prezioso via Getty images