The Census Has Delivered Its Most Important Piece Of Data: The Syd Suburbs W/ The Most Singles

the sydney suburbs with the most singles have been revealed

Valentines Day is merely days away and the Sydney Morning Herald has done some sensual census analysis into which suburbs have the most singles. So which Sydney suburbs should we be setting our Hinge location to? Let’s investigate.

The census defines a “single” person as “adults living without a partner”. There’s hoity-toity government-speak for everything these days!

The data shows that in 2021, 50 per cent of people living in the South-Haymarket area didn’t have a live-in partner. Damn, South-Haymarket. You a freak, gurl!

The next few most single areas included the inner-suburb of Chippendale at 49 per cent, Strathfield-East with 48 per cent, Burwood with 47 per cent and Surry Hills at 45 per cent.

To qualify the horny findings, the Herald also spoke to social researcher Mark McCrindle who kindly laid out why people are getting laid in the places they are. Sorry.

“Those inner-city suburbs are close to where young people are studying and close to where they are working, but either way they are there for vocational reasons, not family reasons,” he told the newspaper.

Sounds legit.

The full article goes into a bunch more detail and you can suss it all out here.

So there you have it. All of a sudden, I like data?

If you’re swiping on the apps, now you can make a tactical and informed decision on where you should be doing so.

Or, at least, where you’re setting your location as… if you’re into that sort of tomfoolery.

What a time to be single!

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Enjoy all that, ya filthy animals.