Dating, at the very best of times, is a minefield littered with moments that make you cringe deep in your very soul. Awkward dates are part and parcel of the dating experience, and people on Twitter have been revisiting theirs, much to my delight and secondhand chagrin.

With absolute doozies ranging from older blokes falling asleep on the couch after two shots to being ghosted after farting in front of a date, please come on this journey with me. Just indulge with me for a moment, because surely nothing can ever be as bad as some of these dates.

Mum really stitched you up here, hey.

This is some real Tom Cruise energy. Ma’am did you go on a date with Tom Cruise?


You could simply not yeet out of there fast enough.

Me trying to figure this one out like:



Someone tell me who this man is I’m about ready to throw hands. AbsolLUTELY FUCKING NOT.

This is it though, this has to take the cake. Something deep in my psyche just imploded with embarrassment.

And then, there’s this.

You know what? I’d just move to another country by that point. Just absolutely disappear from civilisation and become a hermit out of shame.

Image: New Girl / FOX