YouTube’s Top 10 Trending Videos Of 2020 Are A Chaotic Glimpse At The Internet’s Soul

America’s 2020 viewing habits were defined by racial injustice, the monotony of isolation, and the ingenuity of squirrels, according to YouTube’s new list of the top trending videos of the year.

The online video platform today revealed the ten videos which “resonated with U.S. viewers the most” over the past twelve months, kicking off with comedian Dave Chappelle‘s incisive 8:46 special.

The monologue showcased Chappelle deconstructing his feelings about the death of George Floyd, the Black man who died under the knee of a police officer in May.

Worth a watch.

Second on the list was this effort from Mark Rober, a YouTuber and MythBusters-type who decided to build an obstacle course for squirrels. At time of writing, it’s notched nearly 50 million views.

Worth a watch, for vastly different reasons.

Third on the list, for reasons which I understand but don’t quite accept, is the Saturday Night Live cold open from the night of the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden.

The good news for you is that it’s geoblocked, so you can’t watch it – unless you really want to.

Cosmetics celebrity Jeffree Star’s breakup video landed at number four on the list, followed by Mr Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, fucking around with some ridiculous fireworks.

The list closed out with NikkieTutorialscoming out video; a Minecraft speed run; Ricky Gervais airing out Hollywood at the Golden Globes; a sketch on quarantine stereotypes; and John Krasinski making new quarantine stereotypes.

Bit of a mixed bag, there.

If you want to clock YouTube’s full list of 2020 Top Ten lists, including its breakout creators and top music videos, be my guest.