John Krasinski Threw A Virtual Prom & It Looked Like More Fun Than A Fucking IRL Formal

john krasinski prom

The Office (US) star John Krasinski just threw a virtual prom for all of those kids who have had their proms/formals/graduations ruined by the coronavirus.

Krasinski was joined by an actual high schooler, Paige, who posted on Facebook about having her prom cancelled. You know, to make it a little less weird that a middle-aged man was throwing his own virtual prom.

“I am an elderly person and I am coming to you live on god knows what… pretty sure it’s YouTube,” Krasinski said, while wearing a tuxedo and playing the part of a prom attendee. “Welcome to prom, class of 2020.”

But as if hanging out with John Krasinski wasn’t already enough to make you forget all about your high school prom, the event also had a string of guest appearances from famous celebrities.

But unlike my high school graduation, which literally involved getting drunk in a paddock somewhere, this virtual shindig had Billie EilishThe Jonas Brothers and Chance the Rapper in attendance. John’s former The Office (US) costar Rainn Wilson also joined in the celebrations.

To make the whole “missing out on your prom” thing suck a little less, The Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish shared their own stories of missing their prom before performing hit tracks Sucker and Bad Guy respectively.

Paige shared the highlights of the zoom prom on her TikTok.

@paigesstagethank you @johnkrasinski and @somegoodnewsofficial for hosting prom!! ##prom ##sgnprom ##zoom

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The virtual prom was part of Krasinski’s new Some Good News YouTube series. As the name suggests, the series usually involves Krasinski sharing some good news amid all of the negative coronavirus information we’ve been bombarded with lately.

You can watch the Some Good News prom 2020 in the video below.