A Woman On TikTok Documents Herself Sleepwalking And It’s Equal Parts Hilarious & Terrifying

I used to think that the crazy sleepwalking you’d see in movies was just exaggerated. That was until I started watching Celina Myers‘ TikToks.

Myers has been a sleepwalker from a young age and told Buzzfeed that it’s triggered by eating cheese or chocolate. She captures the footage on a night vision camera, and the results are incredible.

In one of Myers’ most viral sleepwalking videos, she can be seen putting a bunch of canned drinks at the front of her house. A bystander sees and looks extremely confused and scared.


I remember dreaming about a pool party

♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

When asked what she was dreaming about at the time, she said it was about a pool party.

“I know that David Dobrik was there, with all the influencers that I really like,” she told BuzzFeed.

“It was really weird. I remember throwing things into the jello pool, like it was really weird.”

The videos are so popular they generally attract views in the millions. One video attracted over 70M views, which is almost triple the population of Australia.


♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

The noises she makes are iconic.


♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

If Myers doesn’t eat cheese or chocolate she doesn’t sleepwalk, so many of the TikToks are done for our entertainment.

“I saw that it would bring people smiles and I was like, I’m gonna roll with it, because at this point it’s not negatively affecting me,” Myers said.

“I planned for it to happen, and if I don’t eat cheese and I don’t eat chocolate after dinner I have nothing to worry about.”

And we love her for giving us this incredible content.