Ah, 2013. A time where the term ‘swag’ was in, everyone was doing the Harlem Shake, Br*ce Ruthven attempted and failed at stand up comedy, and someone popularly known as ‘The Tampon Girl’ performed a heinous act that, to this day, can trigger my gag reflex with just a thought.

Yes, I’m talking about Giovanna Plowman, the girl who pulled a bloody (literally) tampon out of her vagine and then sucked on it.

In case you missed i- actually you know what, there really isn’t that much of a background story. That’s literally it.

Once the video started to go super viral online, Plowman shot to infamy. Everyone was (understandably) disgusted by her video, but we were also obsessed with her. And then she got into some Twitter beef with Ariana Grande, which birthed one of the most iconic clapbacks of our time.

Tampon Girl Ariana Grande
Forgive the low-res screenshot, it’s a relic of another time.

As it turns out, Giovanna the tampon girl is now on TikTok, and it’s actually not what I expected at all??

She mostly just posts outfit pics, talks about a surgery she’s having (but never actually explains what the surgery is), and does eyelash tutorials.

Also, she has a TikTok telling girls to leave dick appointments if the guy doesn’t use condoms and like?? That’s actually good, hygienic advice?? Wow, an actual sexual health queen. Kind of.

@giovannaplowmanThe amount of times I LEAVE. Wrap it up brotha ##condoms ##wrapitupson♬ original sound – Giovanna Plowman

Maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. I mean, it HAS been like eight years since the ~incident~ so she’s probably a regular grown up with a job and stuff, right?? God, imagine a prospective employer googling you and finding out you’re the tampon girl… or worse, recognising you mid-interview. I can’t.

Anyway, I guess I’m happy for her and her sexual health?? Protect yourself from those STI’s girl!! Wrap it up!! Love this for you.