A Van Life Influencer Has Spilled Why She Vanished From The Internet & OFC It’s A Man’s Fault

I’ve always had an iffy feeling about the online van life community. And this creator’s relationship update has definitely added to that dreaded feeling.

To give ya a little context: van life, as defined by the all-Australia Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, is all about “making a home on wheels, hitting the road and exploring, while embracing a minimalistic and nomadic way of life.”

Although it does sound quite beautiful — and it probably is because I am someone who is yearning to travel — I’ve definitely felt like some aspects of van life are glamorised by social media.

About a year ago, family vloggers Will Watson and Kristin Batykefer — famously known as @NumberJuanBus — were dominating the van life community on Instagram before they abruptly disappeared from the platform.

Recently, Kristin came forward about the reason behind the family’s disappearance from the internet, explaining it was due to infidelity.

“When I first left him after finding out he had been cheating on me for an entire year, things were very emotional,” Kristin explained in a new episode of her podcast, Let’s Grow Through It.

“There was a lot of anger, especially on my part with him, and also distrust. Because in my mind, at that moment, I thought ‘what kind of good father would risk ruining his family to sleep with someone else?’

“It was very personal.”

Prior to her extremely candid podcast episode, Kristin reflected on the infidelity that ended her marriage of nine years with fellow van life YouTubers Kels and Jay.

“We travelled with another couple last summer,” Kristin began.

“We were together for three months. And two-and-a-half of the months, my ex-partner (Will) and the wife of that bus had an affair. And then they had it for a year behind my back.

“After nine years it was over.”

Cheating in a van life bus??? Where did they cheat, the back of the bus? I have so many questions, and also, screw that man!!!

Kristin continued by explaining that there was a “nine-month period” where she believed her husband was cheating because she “uncovered” something. But she didn’t confront him as she didn’t have “solid evidence” of the infidelity.

“There was no actual solid evidence and when you have a child and you’re married and you don’t have solid evidence, it’s really hard to be like ‘I’m gonna leave because of this,’” she continued.

“When I got the truth [of the cheating], it was like freedom.”

According to the Daily Mail, the van life pair finalised their divorce back in February and they continue to co-parent their daughter.

Within her podcast, Kristin revealed that Will was now living with the woman he cheated with, which was not something she expected to happen after their divorce was officially processed.

“What he does in his personal life is none of my business, as long as it’s not harming our child,” she said.

“For the first, almost five months, I didn’t think the other woman was going to be something I had to work through.

“But then he brought her back in.”

Although the NumberJuanBus is completely gone — the popular Instagram has been wiped off the platform — Kristin continues to make her own content through her TikTok and the Let’s Grow Through It podcast, where she mentioned she’s been ticking off her “Divorce Bucket List”.

Will has yet to respond publicly to the cheating claims made by his ex-wife.

Reflecting on Kristin and Will’s relationship, which has mostly been spent in close quarters on a van life bus, it’s so sad that a whole family was ripped apart in a matter of months due to one’s selfish actions.

And to cheat while living on a bus??? Miss me with the bullshit.

So glad she ended it ASAP.