A TikToker Has Shared What Your Lockdown Hobby Says About You & I’ve Been Read To Filth

Every once in a while, I catch myself thinking about the quirky trends folks indulged in during the COVID-19 lockdown. There was the rise of TikTok, dalgona coffee, and my personal favourite, the sudden interest in house plants. There were just so many activities to pick from! And turns out what lockdown trend you took part in says a lot about you. Well, according to this TikToker.

The lockdown is absolutely a bittersweet memory. It was a time jam-packed with confusion, anxiety and sadness. On top of that, the news surrounding COVID-19 and the daily health updates were truly grim.

However, it was during this time that a lot of people embarked on a variety of different hobbies to make their lockdown a bit more bearable.

Although the lockdown is now a distant memory, TikToker and self-described “court jester” — which we love — Connor Clary (@connor.clary) has hilariously shared what your early pandemic hobby says about you.

In a five-part TikTok series titled “What Your Early COVID Pandemic Hobby Made Me Think About You”, Connor took aim at all of the various, silly little things people obsessed over.

Some of my faves included Connor’s take on folks who frothed over Netflix’s Tiger King, which he mentioned in the first part of his series.

“If you were watching Tiger King during the early days of the pandemic, then I believe you may be entitled to sue for emotional damages,” Connor began.

“Because the way this show had us all trying to solve the most batshit crazy murder-for-hire plot all while processing a global pandemic was entirely too much.”

In part two, which has gained more than two million views, Connor took aim at folks who were obsessed with whipped coffee and rollerskates.

“If you started making whipped coffee during the pandemic then you’re probably the kind of person that feels a guilty amount of nostalgia towards the early days of lockdown,” Connor shared.

“But in reality every time you posted a picture of this with the caption ‘bored in the house, I’m bored in the house bored’ it was a cry for help and you did drink this while attending Zoom therapy.”

“If you bought roller skates during the pandemic, you definitely suffered from main character syndrome and thought this would make you the hottest person in your neighbourhood,” he continued.

“You probably used this once, had a terrifying experience and then banished these forever to your closet.”


Further into the series, Connor said people who adopted puzzle-solving in the pandemic “probably aged about 50 years just due to pandemic stress”.

People who attempted TikTok dances during the pandemic probably “thought they were gonna be the next Charli D’Amelio” but were “humbled by the pure stamina of every 16-year-old on the app”. Folks who picked up knitting or crochet cope by buying a shit tonne of arts and crafts supplies AND probably suffered “clinical levels of dissociation.”

However, my personal favourite from the series is when he spoke about folks who didn’t have hobbies earlier in the pandemic due to work and he truly hit the nail on the head when it came to retail workers.

“If you had no hobbies because you were working in retail during the pandemic then I just know you have a million horror stories,” Connor said.

“I would imagine that you spent most of your time solving impossible problems that were not your fault and being screamed at by that one certain type of person that was always taking off their mask when they wanted to talk to you.”

Ughhhh. Correct. The amount of COVID-19 horror stories I’ve got for you!!! It could literally be a novel series if I had the time and money.

I think one of the best ways we got through lockdown was through laughter, and revisiting such a confusing time via this little series was a cute giggle we needed.

Everyone on my feed was dead-ass trying to make dalgona coffee and sourdough bread during the lockdown.

Hopefully we will never have to go into lockdown ever again. But hey, if we do, at least you have a variety of super niche things to do to keep you occupied.