Aussie Influencer Karina Irby Says She ‘Accidentally’ Bought An Investment Property In Cooked Vid

L: Aussie influencer Karina Irby selfie with text reading 'I accidentally bought a rental property'. R: Property by the beach with a red circle around it

Authenticity is everything online, but Aussie influencer Karina Irby may have pushed the envelope too far by announcing she’d “accidentally” bought an investment property in Queensland. Relatable queen (derogatory).

Karina owns popular swimwear label Moana Bikini, has her own line of skincare at Urban Jungle and joined OnlyFans in 2022. She has a massive following of 1.1 million people, but her latest video hasn’t gone down well with her fans.

L: Selfie of Aussie Influencer Karina Irby. R: Karina Irby's new investment property
Karina purchased a beachfront property. (Image: Instagram @karinairby)

“I might have accidentally, kind of on purpose, just bought an investment property,” she announced, before giggling and falling backwards on her bed. 

She continued: “I can quite literally see it from my bed. Oh my god. See that? I kind of just bought it.”

Karina went on to share her disbelief with followers, saying she couldn’t believe she now had “two mortgages”. 

“Am I the worst at adulting?” she asked. 

“If it was a massive risk, I’m sure my accountant would’ve said don’t buy it. I don’t even remember [what] the repayments [are].”

The body-positive influencer then visited her new investment property and posed with the sold sign. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed.

This comes not long after she gifted a brand-new BMW to one of her friends and received one herself.

Karina Irby’s fans react to her investment property video

With the cost of living and rent prices skyrocketing, some of Karina’s fans were upset by her Instagram post. 

“Imagine being so rich you ‘accidentally’ buy an investment property? Most people are struggling and barely able to afford rent, petrol and food. Not a very tasteful video in these current times Karina,” one person wrote.

“Couldn’t sound more privileged and spoilt if you tried in this one, good job,” another pointed out.

“Good on you Karina, though this still feels insanely tone-deaf. You clearly work hard for your money but between the new massive car you just were able to buy your friend as a surprise and ‘accidentally’ investing in a second property, idk,” a third remarked.

They continued: “I’ve always been your most fervent supporter but it just feels like there’s a point where some situational awareness is perhaps warranted. Love and support you always and you’re more than welcome to discard my opinion, it’s meaningless after all.”

“Please don’t make videos like this when people are struggling to keep a roof over their head and feed their children,” another said.

L: Aussie influencer Karina Irby with hand on her mouth. R: Karina Irby with a sold sign outside a property
If anyone knows how one can ‘accidentally’ buy a property, please let me know. (Image: Instagram @karinairby)

There were some positive comments, with one fan urging Karina to partner with “community or social housing organisations” near her for those who need affordable housing. 

“I think people need to stop projecting their feelings onto others who have success. Let her celebrate!” another added.

“Everyone [is] so salty. Why can’t we be happy for other people’s achievements?” a third asked.

“Bleh, one more landlord. I hope it can be affordable. Still, congratulations. If I could, I’d probably do it too,” another commented.

Brb, I’m gonna go and try to “accidentally” buy an investment property armed with nothing but a dream. That’s how it works, right?!

Feature image: Instagram @karinairby