420DoggFace208, aka Nathan Apodaca, aka ultimate chiller, aka Fleetwood Mac‘s biggest fan, has been absolutely inundated with donations since the TikTok of him vibing while skating went bonkers viral.

It’s a mood, and we simply must respect our king.

In the short days since everyone watched him on TikTok just having a really sick time cruising along on his skateboard on the highway, knocking back a bottle of cran-raspberry juice, and singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, he’s now apparently amassed over US $10,000 (AU $13,960) in donations from adoring fans.

In an interview with TMZ, the Steady Vibin’ King said donations poured in after viewers learned that he had been living in his RV with no running water. After a few Venmo and Paypal contributions, he was able to park outside his brother’s house in Idaho Falls, but is planning to use the donated money to set up his own place to live.

So what’s he gonna do with the donations? Apparently, a brand new RV is very much on the cards. It’s what he deserves.

He’s also planning to give about US $5000 (AU $6980) to his mother, has bought his daughter some new clothes, and supplied a new washer and dryer for his partner. We do have to stan a humble king.

And after Fleetwood Mac themselves signal boosted and praised the viral TikTok and his blissed-out skating on their own Twitter, streams of the iconic 70s banger shot up the charts again. Truly, the power that Tío TikTok has.

Off the back of that attention, our beloved Chill Lord 420 is now vying for a donation from Stevie Nicks and the band, or from Ocean Spray (who bottle up his favourite skating beverage). Or maybe a little commercial deal. You gotta respect the hustle, you really do.

Now that Nathan is very much on our radars as a Top-Tier Blessed n Blazed King, it’s only right that we take a moment to appreciate his other videos where he’s just max vibing.


♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

Looks like he’s picked himself up some flash new AirPods as well as a new winter-ready drip. King.


♬ New Light – John Mayer

He just loves to skate and vibe in all seasons. Look at this ice skating technique. I love him.