A Musician Combined Iconic Aussie Jingles & The Acoustic Version Of Lube Mobile Actually Slaps

Aussie jingles

Some legend on TikTok has morphed all the best Aussie jingles into one mega-jingle and I am so excited I may bust a theoretical nut.

Genes, is the talented Melbourne-Townsville-based-musician behind the mega-jingle and when she’s not singing about Frank Walker National Tiles, she’s making incredible pop bangers.

Other tunes you might recognise are the Good Guys theme song, Nicorette, Lube Mobile AAMI insurance, Chicken Tonight, Cottee’s cordial, Aeroplane Jelly, The Reading Writing Hotline, 13 Cabs, Mortein, Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning, the National Confectionary Company and Cadbury.

Even though Genes still puts on *that* annoying voice while reciting the Frank Walker National Tiles theme song, she still manages to make it sound ~somewhat listenable~. Unlike the original, which sounds like the literal embodiment of the anti-christ. Yes, Frank Walker from National Tiles is actually the sleep paralysis demon at the end of my bed.

Aussie jingles are so iconic that they will remain firmly implanted in our memories forever. Which is a good thing for advertisers, bad thing for me when I’m trying to go to sleep and can’t stop thinking about that fucking Lube Mobile.

I bet if aliens came down to earth and tried to read our minds, they’d see that 80% of our thoughts are solely reserved for reciting Aussie jingles.

In fact, Aussies are so obsessed with our jingles that Gruen tracked down the guy who wrote the Bunnings theme song, as well the Cottee’s cordial guy.

According to the show, the Bunnings guy (Trevor Hilton) still walks around the store whistling the tune 25 years later (he still gets royalties, too).

“Yes, I wrote that jingle,” Hilton said to camera.

While, Peter Martin (Cottee’s guy) reckons the melody for the 1990s classic “came quickly as [he] crossed the Harbour Bridge.”

You can check out more of Genes’ music here.