Internet Supervillain Unleashes Diabolical Adele / Frank Walker Mashup

The internet is largely without rules for a very good reason; because without rules and restrictions, people can therefore access the kind of freedoms required to unleash true creative genius.

‘Course that particular Batman can’t exist without its flipside Joker, meaning that for all the good the internet can do, some dead set loose units are free to fuck everything well and truly up.
Never before has the line between genius and complete batshit insanity been walked finer than this.
Frank Walker, the scourge of Australian FM radio, has long promoted his National Tiles business on the airwaves with his now-nationally recognised “HELLOOOOOOO, FRANK WALKER NATIONAL TILES,” a sentence that sends motorists all across Australia scrambling to break the world record for fastest radio channel change.
Because some people simply want to watch the world burn, a Soundcloud user by the name of “count bunt” (apt) has thrown Frank’s golden nasal voice onto the piano riff from Adele‘s mournful ‘Hello,’ and the result is about as day-ruining as you’d expect.
We need to point out here that we’re quite aware that this particular gag has been explored before, but this is quite easily the best of the bunch.
Go ahead. Fuck your life up.

All someone needs to do now is put the Smooth FM station bumper over the top of Carlos Santana‘s smash hit single ‘Smooth (featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20)’ and we can just about end radio as a concept altogether.

Source: Soundcloud.
Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty.