Viral TikToker Who Shares Three Kiddos With Rag Doll Fiancé Says They’re Officially Married

A Colombian man who’s the father of three rag dolls has revealed that he’s tied the knot with his rag doll fiancé, and you know what? I’m hella salty that a damn PLUSHIE got married before me.

Cristian Montenegro (@montbk959) is a TikToker who gained virality for documenting his relationship with Natalia, a life-sized rag doll. The internet-famous pair share three kiddos. Two sons and one daughter, and no, they’re not Beanie Kids.

In a ‘yuge relationship update, Montenegro revealed that he and Natalia have officially exchanged vows.

“Married with all of the law,” the caption reads, per Google Translate.

According to Daily Mail, Montenegro can be heard saying: “We are opening a new love, so from now on, Natalia and I are married.”

The video then randomly cuts to the pair in their wedding outfits, covered in a … umm .. white foam? Maybe whipped cream. I’m unsure, TBH.

For the whole second half of the video, the TikToker and his new wife stay in the white foam, exchanging smooches and hugging each other. At the very end, Montenegro shared a selfie of him and his new wife without the white stuff.

The video of the nuptials has received more than 163k views, but unfortunately, the comments have been limited.

According to Daily Mail, Montenegro began dating Natalia after years of being single.

The peculiar couple first gained internet virality in 2022 after the TikToker documented the birth of their third child, Sammy, which was delivered by a rag doll doctor.

“If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something,” the TikToker told trolls who mocked him for his relo, per Daily Mail.

Look, I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum. But how the hell did that doll get a ring before me? I’m honestly salty AF.

Maybe it’s time for me to join hell Married At First Sight to score that princess-cut diamond on my finger.

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Montenegro, though. Right now, I’m feeling like chopped liver.