A True Saint Of The Mushroom Kingdom Cycled Around Melbourne In The Shape Of A Giant Mario

Melbourne Mario

A cunning and – dare we say – ingenious Melburnian cyclist has demonstrated the vision/stamina/creative fortitude needed to draw a giant Mario over Melbourne, with a little help from the Strava app, too.

Reddit user /u/xeonation uploaded his monolithic piece of virtual art on Thursday, sharing his route with fellow Melburnians. However, he actually completed the challenge way back on January 20.

The path to outline Mario traversed over 68km through the suburbs of Glen Iris, Camberwell, Canterbury, Surry Hills, Burwood, and back home through Ashwood.

According to Strava, the whole thing took almost five hours, but as the runner himself said, he “took breaks in between, actually.”

It’s a me, Mario!
by u/xeonation in melbourne

The end result is a stunning testament to the everlasting bond between the Mushroom Kingdom and the glorious state of Victoria. Or maybe the dude just likes to play games.

A bunch of Redditors on the Melbourne subreddit could even spot exactly where their houses had been engulfed by the gigantic red plumber.

“My house has been assimilated by Mario. I’m not sure how I feel about this,” wrote one person.

Another person simply added: “You went down my street !!!!!! I’m a nose hair.”

It’s unclear the cyclist picked up any mushrooms along the way, but even so, this was the speedrun to end all speedruns.

It’s not his first trip ’round the block(s), either. You can check out his previous masterpieces, including a T-Rex, on Instagram.

Strava art is really coming into its own these days. And what a beautiful canvas Melbourne is.