This Runner Attempted To Spell Out “Boston Strong” To The Whole World But Had One Huge Typo

When the Boston Marathon was postponed, like pretty much every other event this year, Lindsay Devers wasn’t deterred.

The nurse anesthetist in her 30s had been training for five months and decided she wouldn’t let the pesky coronavirus get in the way of her running.

Starting at 5:20 AM, she ran a custom course which she had painstakingly plotted for her own, solo Boston Marathon.

She had intended to spell out “Boston Strong” as a message of hope for the world to read.

Instead, the end result was: “BOSTON STROG”.

“I’m an idiot,” Devers told the Boston Globe about her typo of literally monumental proportions.

“I thought I was doing so well, I was so careful not to mess things up and then I did.”

Still, the runner said she had a great morning, N or no N.

“It feels amazing on a different level because you don’t have anybody cheering for you, you don’t have the support of volunteers,” she said.

“You’re out there carrying your own water, carrying your own gels. It’s all you and your own mental fortitude to push through. No one’s running with you, no one’s cheering you on. It’s all in your head to keep going.”

Devers later uploaded her efforts to her Strava profile, where fellow runners were endearingly supportive of her efforts despite the hilarious spelling error.

Devers says she stayed motivated to persevere with the 42 km route in order to finish the masterpiece she thought she had started.

“There are times where I felt, you know, no one would know if I stopped except for me,” she said.

That was before she realised her glaring typo. Now the opposite’s true.