Melbourne Cyclist Embarks On Route Covering All Of Brighton, Obviously Calls It ‘The Karen’

If you’ve been on social media the past few days, it’s a 99.9999% likelihood that you’ve come across the now-notorious Brighton local who claimed to have “done all of the” neighbourhood when it came to her precious walks. Well, in honour of this new public figure, a cyclist has ridden the entirety of Brighton and dubbed the new route ‘The Karen’.

“Someone actually did all of Brighton…” Twitter user @TomisCrowley shared a screenshot of the map earlier today.

The cyclist-in-question had shared the route on tracking up Strava yesterday, allegedly completing the 97-kilometre ‘Karen’ mission in just under 3 hours.

A truly commendable expedition, which would have taken a lot of planning, precision and dedication to the sesh. Kudos to you, sir. *Doffs helmet*

In case you missed it, a Brighton local by the name of Jodi (who just happens to be the daughter of one of Victoria’s richest men, Bruce Mathieson) went viral over the weekend for defying Melbourne’s latest lockdown conditions in regards to exercising in your respective postcode.

“You get sick of walking the same streets,” she told 9NEWS. “I’ve done all of Brighton.”

And just like that, faster than you could ask ‘can I speak to the manager?’, the newly-dubbed Karen from Brighton became the centre of attention on social media (particularly on TikTok, which has since used her voice for remixes and impersonations).

What a time, folks, what a time.