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Move over Gorilla Glue girl because there’s a new sheriff town…Gorilla Glue man.

Len Martin, who like Gorilla Glue girl (Tessica Brown), is also from Louisiana tried to prove that she was faking her sticky situation. Unfortunately, that blind confidence left him with a cup stuck to his lip.

“That shit ain’t true. I’m going to show y’all something, I got some Gorilla Glue right here. Super glue real,” Martin said in the video.

“I’ll just lick it and get it off. It’s easy. Gorilla Glue is garbage, I’m telling you now.”

Well that little stunt scored Martin a trip to emergency . And did he really expect super glue not to do that? We’ve all used super glue and accidentally gotten it on our fingers. That shit is hard to get off.

“I thought that chick with the gorilla glue was making that story up…but no..its real… I dont kno why I tried they talking bout cutting the tip of my lips off in surgery…y’all pray for me #gorrilagluechallenge smh [sic],” he wrote on Facebook.

Wow this man really had the audacity to call it the Gorilla Glue challenge. Please do not try this at home, unless you want to go to hospital.

He also had the audacity to try and use his hospitalisation as a way to pick up women in the comments. Len Martin got game, I’ll give him that.

Oh and just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, Martin rapped about the ordeal. It actually low-key slaps though.

Tessica Brown rose to fame when she posted a TikTok warning people not to use Gorilla Glue Spray as hairspray, like she had. Brown had the glue in her hair for a month giving her a kind of permanent ponytail.

Thankfully, Brown managed to get the glue out thanks to Dr. Michael Obeng who had to perform a procedure, where Brown was put under light anaesthetic to remove the glue.

You’d think that in itself would be enough to deter people from using industrial strength on themselves. But clearly not…

All hail our Gorilla Glue king and queen.