More Than Half Of Gen Z Say Instagram Fashion & Beauty Influencers Give Them The Ick

The latest in the many shifts that divide Millennials from Gen Zers is an interest in the bizarre species known as influencers. Apparently your classic influencer gives the young people of today “the ick”.

‘Love Song’ — one of Australia’s largest youth studies that unveils Gen Z’s cultural zeitgeist for 2024 — collated responses from more than 2,680 Gen Zers across the country to figure out what they’re into in 2024.

Run by Secret Sounds Connect, the study explored the mindset of “the world’s largest and most surprising generation yet”.

The study found that the majority of respondents have ditched the “life blueprint” of their predecessors: Millennials.

One part of said blueprint is the avid following and interest in influencers.

That’s not to say they’ve completed shitcanned social media stars. Something tells me online celebrity isn’t going anywhere!

But your classic Instagram influencer is just less of a priority for the current gen and they’re more interested in TikTokers.

Samantha Andrew TikTok

Samantha Andrew is one of many local legends who rose to fame thanks to the clock app. (Credit: TikTok)

According to the survey, the trust level for TikTokers is at 36% while their trust level for your classic Instagram fashion and beauty influencer ranks at 26%.

The reason for this? Because the majority of Gen Z prefer “raw, imperfect content” over a “polished lifestyle”.

This actually makes so much sense and I feel like it feeds into the same reason why posting on Instagram has become somewhat of an ick. People are so done with seeing pristine, glossy, hyper-edited photos in their feed.

We want to see that #storytime TikTok where you recount the horrendous holiday you just went on. We went to see an unedited photo dump of you and your friends just being idiots. We want to see a shopping haul of all the hideous knick-knacks you bought from your local Vinnie’s.

And the same goes for our influencers!

It’s cozzie livs and we don’t care to listen to you brag about the events you’re attending and the free shit you’re receiving. We want to hear from relatable TikTokers who aren’t afraid to sit out the front of a Taylor Swift concert and bawl your eyes out, just ‘cos you’re feeling all of the feels.

The video by @maddie.braps has raked in 1.2 million views and has gone viral worldwide. (Credit: TikTok)

Guttural howls in the street for #content? Now that’s what we wanna see!