An Aussie Influencer Spruiked A Product On IG & Then Seemingly Suggested Hours Later It No Worky

Sophie Guidolin and Kris Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians saying "this is a case for the FBI"

Australian fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin appears to have made a bit of a boo-boo on Instagram by promoting a hot new product, only to seemingly suggest hours later it didn’t work for her.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

On Monday, Guidolin took to Instagram to announce she was collaborating with Happy Way to launch a “sleep tight hot chocolate”.

“After prioritising a healthy sleep routine and understanding the importance of consistency, sleep hygiene and the domino effect it has on our overall productivity, moods and mental health — I am BEYOND excited to announce: my sleep tight hot chocolate,” she said.

“This is my ultimate bedtime routine and together with @happywayau we have been perfecting this hug in a mug!”

Available in both dairy-based and vegan formulas, Guidolin said the beverage has been “infused with a calming blend of chamomile, dandelion and passionflower”.

Sounds pretty yum yum piggy bum to me.

The influencer continued to yap about the hot choccy on her Instagram Story, claiming it took “about 18 months in total of formulation and development” to create the product.

Image credit: Instagram / @sophie_guidolin

About 10 hours later when it was time for beddy-byes, Guidolin shared another Instagram Story.

“Cue sleepless night hearing every possible noise,” she said, with a lil’ timestamp that showed the Story was uploaded at 2.46am.

Image credit: Instagram / @sophie_guidolin

I … what? “Sleepless night”? Isn’t that what the sleepy time hot chocolate is for? Je suis confused.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there’s no implication the sleep tight hot choccy doesn’t work as a sleep supplement, nor that the ingredients aren’t effective.

It’s just objectively funny to reveal you’re struggling with insomnia hours after promoting a bedtime beverage that’s meant to be calming, you know? That’s all.

Image credit: Instagram / @sophie_guidolin & Keeping Up With The Kardashians / E!