Twitter Has Released Its Biggest Tweets Of 2020 & I’m Sad About Chadwick Boseman All Over Again

Chadwick Boseman Twitter

It’s been a wild, wild, WILD year, and truly where would we be without the divine intervention of social media. To remind us about everything that has gone down in 2020, Twitter has released their annual #ThisHappened roundup, and the best Aussie tweets are pretty heartbreaking.

Going over specific stats like the most retweeted, most liked and most heartwarming tweets in Australia, the list is an interesting window into our interests, both political and entertainment-wise.

The big ‘winner’, however, was the sad news of Chadwick Boseman‘s passing, which was first announced via his Twitter account. This year in Australia, that single tweet was the most retweeted and the most liked of the year, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The tweet received a total of 7.6M likes and 2.1M retweets. In terms of top-liked tweets, it was followed by Barack Obama‘s tribute to Kobe Bryant, Andy Milonakis congratulating the astronauts, Macauley Culkin making us feel old by announcing he is 40, and Kamala Harris‘ iconic “We did it Joe” moment.

When it comes to hashtags, #COVID19 beat out #auspol for the first time in ages, with nearly 400 million tweets around the pandemic being shot out into the web. I mean, not surprising there, this year was taken up by a certain Miss Rona who kinda ruined everything.

Image provided by Twitter.

Australia’s ‘Golden Tweet’ on the other hand, which is a tweet that spreads kindness and love, was the bushfire support tweet by Pink, which received over 226K likes and 43K retweets.

This heartwarming tweet that raised awareness was followed by Kim Kardashian‘s semi-hilarious “climate change is real” tweet, and Bernie Sanderscall to climate action.

When it comes to entertainment, apparently we cared more for Masterchef than we did MAFS or The Bachelor, which is a rather interesting twist. I guess the people of Australia wanted comfort food more than they did petty drama.

Image provided by Twitter.

In the world of celebrities, it looks like this year we just couldn’t keep Ariana Grande away from our Twitter fingers, as she became the most tweeted about celeb of the year.

It’s also interesting to note that all members of One Direction landed on the top ten except for Zayn Malik. Also how the hell did Louis Tomlinson get above Harry??

Image provided by Twitter.

And the best part of the data collation comes in the form of the most used emojis of the year. We laughed, we cried, we cry-laughed, and we blushed our way through the entire year. I have to congratulate Australia on the sheer lack of eggplants and water spray emojis in our top ten. Good job on keeping it clean this year folks.

Image provided by Twitter.