An ACT Local Who Is Beefing With Her Neighbour Over Her Wheelie Bins Has Been Humbled By TikTok

TikTok users have turned on an ACT local for her shitty wheelie bin habits and man, I love this shit.

If you’ve ever lived in a suburb or estate that has its own private social media page under the guise of “neighbourhood watch” or something equally as eye-roll inducing, you’ll know that these forums are home to the crème de la fucking crème of drama.

A personal fave from my estate’s FB group was when a bunch of residents complained about people driving too fast down the main road, then proceeded to have a good ol’ whinge when VicRoads installed speed bumps to thwart said complaints. Sigh.

Now, neighbourhood drama from the ACT (of all places) has made its way onto TikTok, where one local is getting positively reamed for refusing to bring in her wheelie bins in a timely manner.

Per Yahoo! News, a TikToker named Sophia shared a video on Sunday in which she complained about a neighbour’s request that she take her bins away from the kerb between collection days.

In the clip, she called her neighbour a “stupid fucking bitch” while revealing a note taped to her bin that detailed etiquette and government guidelines for wheelie bin use.

One specific point was highlighted: “Bring your bins in from the kerb as soon as possible after they have been emptied.” Simple enough, no?

“Mind you, that’s not a fucking law,” Sophia exclaimed, adding that her household doesn’t “like pulling them in because we’re all fucking autistic and ADHD, so we’ll just forget”.

FYI: In some states, such as Queensland, locals can cop a $2,500 fine for leaving their wheelies out for too long. However, in the ACT where Sophia is from, it’s not legislated.

In retaliation, the TikToker stacked her three bins in a pyramid on the kerb and pasted her own note above her neighbour’s.

“Why do you care? LOL. Get real problems lady. This is embarrassing for you.” Or is it more embarrassing for the person who’s being a petty child instead of just, IDK, bringing their bins in?

The comment section popped off, with one user telling Sophie to “grow the eff up”, according to

“This is beyond embarrassing for you. She’s doing you a favour. Cry about something actually important,” another wrote.

A third explained: “You’re out of touch here. You don’t own the nature strip and it causes accessibility issues as well as being an eyesore. Bring your bins in.”

Sophia has since shared a second video addressing the negative feedback, and it seems she’s learned… absolutely nothing.

“I love that people are sounding off in the comments,” she wrote. “Go ahead, argue with each other… I don’t care.”

And so, the neighbourhood war rages on.