23 Y.O. Amateur Rapper Apologises To Yumi Stynes For Alleged Vile Msg Over Welcome To Sex Book

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses violence and racism.

The 23-year-old who was previously arrested for allegedly harassing Welcome to Sex co-author Yumi Stynes has apologised to the media personality for his alleged actions.

On Wednesday, Eli Engwicht — also known for his rapper name Lil Swift — apologised to the author outside of Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court after he pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to harass, menace or offend, as per Daily Mail Australia.

“I’ve been doing a lot of self-work,” the aspiring rapper said, as per the publication.

“I’ve got two jobs at the moment, I’ve kicked all bad habits, I’m doing better than ever. I appreciate the support of all my friends and family.

“Again, I’m very sorry to the person I offended.”

When asked about his thoughts on his possible sentence, Engwicht replied that he’ll “get what [he] deserve”. He also added that he wanted to use his music as a vessel to “show the youth and people in my situation that you can overcome tough times.”

This isn’t the first time the rapper has publicly apologised to Yumi Stynes.

When Engwicht first appeared at Downing Centre Local Court back in July, the rapper issued a “public and sincere apology” for his “wrongdoing”.

“I apologise to Yumi Stynes and her direct family members for the inconvenience and the trouble and the threats that I have sent,” the rapper said, as per ABC News.

He finished his apology, saying he had to “grow” as a person.

In July, Stynes uploaded the alleged message Engwicht sent her which contained acts of violence, including sexual violence.

Engwicht was then arrested and charged at Balmain police station for the alleged message.

Stynes received a lot of backlash following the release of her book Welcome to Sex, which she co-wrote with Dolly Doctor writer Dr Melissa Kang.

Welcome to Sex was aimed at children in hopes of teaching them about sexuality, pornography and topics such as the dangers of sending nudes online — but unfortunately, conservatives were up in arms at the content of the book.

It got to a point where Welcome to Sex was pulled from Big W shelves so staff members wouldn’t be harassed over the product.

Stynes also received a shit ton of threating messages following the book’s release, which she shares on Instagram to spotlight online harassment.

As per Daily Mail Australia, the rapper will be unable to threaten, harass or stalk the author under the condition of a apprehended violence order taken out by police.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood adjourned his sentencing proceeings for six weeks as the rapper will be attending drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Engwicht will return to court in December.

Image Source: YouTube / Sydney Opera House

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