Ever wanted to go on a date with all of the ‘Bachelorette‘ boys at once? Of course you have, you tart (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I was talking to myself). If, like me, you reckon that would be a treat and a fuckin’ half – rejoice! You absolutely can, and it’s for goddamn charity no less.

In light of Georgia Love‘s mum Belinda tragically passing away from pancreatic cancer, Georgia and her boy / this season’s winner, Lee Elliott, are working to raise money for Pancare, an Australian organisation that funds research into pancreatic cancer and aims to support those suffering from it and their families.

You can check out Lee and Georgia discussing it on ‘The Project‘ from the 4:43 mark:

As they discuss on the show, pancreatic cancer is absolutely brutal, with a 7% survival rate over 5 years as compared to 85% with breast cancer, and it’s not very widely talked about.

You can do your part, however, by bidding on one of twelve seats at a dinner date with, again, every single ‘Bachelorette‘ boy from this season – yes, even including the bad ones who were kicked out immediately.

The twelve highest bidders in the auction will share two hours at Morris Jones Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in sunny Melbourne (lol) with the lads and, I mean, possibly even longer if the date goes particularly well.

All you have to do is place your bid right here, good luck.

Source and photo: Pancare.