Georgia Love Got Real Honest About The “Rocky” Start To Her & Lee’s Relationship

Georgia Love was easily one of the most well-loved stars of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise – the ever-smiley journalist won hearts for her dorky love for puns and bubbly persona, and if you don’t follow her and her partner Lee Elliott, you’re missing out on two loveable dags who are just extremely, adorably besotted with one another.

Georgia sat down with podcast The Thinkergirls this week to talk about the reality of those first few weeks post-Bachie.

For those unaware, Georgia tragically lost her mum Belinda to pancreatic cancer 24 hours after the Bachelor finale aired and her relationship with Lee went public. Obviously this meant the initial honeymoon period was anything but.

‘Our second night as a couple was spent with him literally holding me as I screamed and shook for hours and hours and hours,’ she told the podcast hosts.

She praised Lee for his support, saying he remained calm and allowed her to grieve.

‘I really can’t imagine anyone else in the world having been like that with me then,’ she told the hosts. “And he didn’t freak out, he stepped up, he messaged everybody I knew that day to say, “Hi, I’m Lee, I’m Georgia’s boyfriend, I’m just letting you know that his has happened”.

One thing Georgia highlighted was that Lee probably needed some support too, given his girlfriend of only several weeks was experiencing such a deep loss.

Lee is there, two days into a new relationship, he didn’t know any of my family. He had met my dad and my sister, he had met my mum in hospital, [but] he knew none of my friends, none of my friends even knew I was with him until 24 hours before. No one was there checking on him, no one asking how he was doing.”

She also was candid about the state of her relationship during that period.

“It was really hard on him, and it was really hard on our relationship,” she said. “We had a very rocky first six months, and I’m not afraid to say that.”

If you’re not feeling emotional yet, Georgia also addressed the old “what if you chose Matty J” question.

People often ask like sliding doors, what if you’d chosen Matty J, what if you’d chosen someone else? [But] I cannot imagine anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life, being as good as Lee was even just that night.