Yeezy Stans Reckon The Grammys Snubbed ‘Life Of Pablo’ & They Want Blood

You’d think that someone who received five whole nominations at the Grammys would be listening to the sweet, sweet sound of their fans cheering, right? But in Kanye West‘s case, sadly not. 
The rapper is nominated for a bunch of awards in the rap categories, but fans are brutally mad that he was once again denied a nomination for Album of the Year.
And considering Kanye released one of his most-celebrated and globally adored albums in 2016, – ‘The Life of Pablo’ – they might kinda have a point. 

While Yeezy stans may feel as though their hero is the #1 Most Snubbed Person At The Grammys, Ye certainly has companions. People are also pretty irked that Rihanna was also snubbed for Album of the Year, and both David Bowie and Prince were snubbed for posthumous awards, since both music icons passed away this year. 

Dear oh dear.
Last year Kanye threatened to not go to the Grammys unless he was promised Album of the Year… despite it not being nominated. 

(He did though. He went.)
Regardless, with this lot of nominations, this makes Kanye West is now the 3rd-most nominated artist of all time, and the #1 most nominated rapper of all time. 
Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.