The nominations for the 59th Grammy Awards came out this morning, and it’s already seen its fair share of backlash. 

People are pretty mad that Kanye West has once again been denied a nomination for album of the year for ‘The Life of Pablo’, and many others also believe that David Bowie and Prince should have received far more posthumous acknowledgement. 

However, the person who is most surprised by the announcement of the nominations is country singer Sturgill Simpson. His album ‘Sailor’s Guide to Earth’ is up for Album of the Year. 

Judging by social media, there is shitloads of people out there who have absolutely no bloody clue who he is:

Speaking to the New York Times about the nomination, Simpson wants all of you who are extremely confused to know: he couldn’t agree more.

“I didn’t expect anything like this, ever. I don’t really feel like I did this, in a way.

I really can’t believe it. To be even mentioned in the same breath as all those other artists is a little surreal for someone like me. 

I loved ‘Lemonade.’ I thought it was genius. I love the Adele record.”

Simpson said that he truly thought Frank Ocean‘s ‘Blonde’ should have been nominated instead:

“I really, really wish, honestly, and no [expletive] — I would’ve liked to see Frank Ocean’s name where mine is. 

But that’s not my place to say. I totally understand [his protest]. I just thought that record was really groundbreaking.”

ICYMI, the protest to which Simpson refers is Ocean purposely submitting ‘Blonde’ after of the Grammy deadline, so it couldn’t be nominated. He referred to this purposeful decision as a boycott, saying it was his own “Colin Kaepernick moment”.


To read the full (incredibly humble and pretty ruddy adorable) interview with the NYT, you can here:

Source: NYT.

Photo: Ebet Roberts / Getty.