Y’All Are Selling Out Tix To See A Bloke Talk Alien Lizards For 12 Hours

Hey Sydney, are you doing anything this weekend? Maybe you’d like to check out some new bars, new cafés, hang out with friends? Or maybe you want to shell out $60 – $100 to go to Sydney Town Hall and listen to a 12 hour lecture about how humanity is heading toward a global fascist state ruled by a race of lizard people from space?

It’s a no-brainer, honestly. You’re in luck, because the world’s greatest conspiracy theorist David Icke is currently in Australia, and his shows are nearly sold out. He just did one of his marathon seshes in Perth, which was completely sold out. He has strong feels about this country:
Wise. Icke has written over 20 books and regularly presents across the globe on his theories. The once-time BBC sports presenter argues that our world is secretly controlled from behind the scenes by a number of secretive organisations, all of whom were originally founded by alien reptiles, which he calls the Babylonian Brotherhood
Many people are actually aliens masquerading as humans, including the Queen. Hitler was one too. Duh.
Some people reckon that he’s actually a massive anti-Semite, who uses ‘lizards’ and other cosmic imagery to shroud what is essentially just a rehashed conspiracy theory about Jews controlling the world. Others think he’s a satirist, who uses blatantly absurd examples to encourage people to think more about the political world around them.
But when you read a book like Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More in which he argues that humanity is telepathically manipulated from the moon, you’d have to wonder why someone would invest that much energy into a satirical project. But when tickets are over a hundred bucks it probably makes more sense.
He spoke to news.com.au arbout the tour, and it is as baffling as you might expect:
The human brain is a biological computer. It blatantly is. It’s a biological version of a computer system. If you look at the brain, it processes information in the form of electrical activity. If you can get technology into the body and hack in to the biological information processing system, you can remotely dictate someone’s sense of reality.

Transhumanists say that by putting technology inside us we are going to be super human but we’re actually going to be sub-human. We will become computer terminals.
Cop a squiz at his lecture in Melbs from 2011. It is quite long:
He’s also talking in Brissie and Melbourne. Keep an eye out folks. The truth is out there.
Photo: David Icke.