WATCH: Karlos Goes Toe-To-Toe W/ Bloke Who Reckons Lizards Control Earth

We wrote about conspiracy theorist David Icke‘s Aussie tour earlier this week – he’s the guy who reckons that the world is controlled by a cabal of alien lizards who can shapeshift and take human form. He believes it intensely enough that he’s written over twenty books on the subject.

If you’re keen, you can buy tickets to see him expound upon these views at length. Incredible length, in fact: he’s likely to speak for up to 12 hours at each event. good on him for giving it a go.
He’s doing the Australian media circuit at the moment, which is a courtesy barely no other country will give him, so hooray to us. He popped up on TODAY, which was very good.
Here, you can watch him discuss with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson his theory that the moon is actually a giant hollow spaceship full of lizards:

You can see Karl is thoroughly enjoying the breadth and depth of Icke’s knowledge by the facial expressions he is making. He essentially accuses Icke of slugging the punters for cash, which Icke decidedly does not like.

Look, some might argue that it’s a bit rude of them to bring on a bloke just so they can ridicule his beliefs, but longtime Icke watchers such as myself know that he doesn’t give a shit about that – he’s happy to get on TV and get his message out there.
Everybody wins. Except the lizard people, who are now exposed.
Source: TODAY.