Just Aussie government things, or something more sinister? Please, help me decide. (I’ve already decided.)

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack went on 2GB radio yesterday morning to defend a very rushed and somewhat hush hush purchase of land near Western Sydney Airport that is turning my mind into a petri dish for conspiracy theories.

The 12 hectares of land known as The Leppington Triangle (yes, triangle) was purchased for $30 million schmakos (+ $3 million GST) in 2018 yet was only valued at a total of $3 million.

The Deputy Prime Minister agreed it was a lot to pay in the moment but in Trump-style confidence, he assured everyone not to worry because the $30 million overpay was in fact, a totally sweet deal.

“Eventually when there is a need to be more runways and more infrastructure built at Western Sydney Airport, they’ll look back and say, probably, what a bargain that was,” he said.

We Asked A Local Conspiracy Theorist His Thoughts On The Etch Western Sydney Airport Deal

The newly purchased land was 20 times more expensive the amount per hectare they paid for the previously existing Western Sydney Airport block of land. So bargain, sir? I think not.

The Australian National Audit Office looked into the purchase last week, finding the Department of Infrastructure had engaged in unethical conduct and has since launched their own investigation into the purchase.

But I feel I must do some investigating of my own as there seems to be one big question no one wants to ask or answer, and that is WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?

Strap in.

We Asked A Local Conspiracy Theorist His Thoughts On The Etch Western Sydney Airport Deal

Actual footage from my desk.

DISCLAIMER: This is all in good conspiracy fun, so please don’t @ us about fake news, we know it’s the fakest of news.

I reached out to artist, fellow conspiracist, and chairman of the Annual Brunswick UFO Conference Joel Cornell for his take on what might be happening in Sydney’s outskirts.

“Yeah, there are a few things that raise the eyebrow around the new Western Sydney airport,” Joel assured me.

He said we must start at the beggining, “What we need to focus on is why they were so desperate to buy extra land (for money like that) for a second airport when Sydney airport isn’t being used to its full capacity anyway.”

“The first chin scratcher being, the current airport is pretty much already in Western Sydney,” he said. It’s true, Google Maps tells me they are only 46 mins away from each other when traveling by car (with traffic).  “Also, the land they purchased is called Leppington Triangle, they are just asking for conspiracy attention with a name like that,” he said. I agree.

Joel says there are a number of covert operations happening around Australia right now, and this sussly expensive purchase of land could just be the latest addition. “Look at whats happening in Darwin, there’s a shit load of US Marines stationed up there. You can look at the middle of Australia, Alice Springs, which is home to the deepest underground military facility in the world called Pine Gap. It’s not ours, it’s owned by the US. There is every chance something untoward is going on in Western Sydney too.”

We Asked A Local Conspiracy Theorist His Thoughts On The Etch Western Sydney Airport Deal

For real though.

Joel highlighted Australia’s willingness to bow down to the US even at the cost of its own people. “The military budget that we just gave America could have fed, sheltered, and given a wage to the Australian people through this pandemic, I mean it’s either gross negligence or something far more sinister.”

“America has a track record of massive covert military operations like Area 51 and Wright-Patterson Air Field. you then look at Australia, we also have covert American military operations like Pine Gap and HAARP,” he said.

So other than continuing to aid the US for dark shit, I asked Joel what other possible reasons the Aussie government would rush to pay $30 million dollars over the land value for a specific property.

“The chances of an Area 51 type thing happening at Western Sydney Airport are very high. Similar to a Denver Airport type situation.” Joel said. I know this is extreme, but we are in 2020, anything could happen. Is Australia making their own Area 51 to harbour alien life, in the heart of Sydney? It shouldn’t exactly be ruled out,” he continued.

We Asked A Local Conspiracy Theorist His Thoughts On The Etch Western Sydney Airport Deal

Just another day at Western Sydney Airport?

“Or this could very well be an arc for the elite to get out of earth once climate change really fucks us up. Are all the politicians going to hop aboard while we are chasing them with daggers?” Joel questioned, although I doubt we will see any straight answers, because if so, yes $30 million of dead currency is a bargain.

Joel requested I share this quote.

“Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought to never be the system of a regular government,” – Jeremy Bentham.

Watch this space, and keep watching the skies.

You can discuss such conspiracies with Joel, or browse his extraterrestrial artwork at @artist.the.real on IG.

Image: Getty Images