World’s Oldest Dick Graffiti Uncovered, Described As “Monumental”

I would wager there are very few amongst us who have never derived at least some small measure of joy from drawing a dick on something or someone; school desks the world over are testament to the human impulse for phallic tribute.

via Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun. 

Now the world’s oldest surviving penis graffiti, from the fifth/sixth century BC, has been uncovered on an island in the Aegean. The 3====D TATION found on Astypalaia dates back to the fifth and sixth century BC and is being described as “monumental in scale” which was, of course, what she said.

Dr Andreas Vlachopoulous, the archaeologist who uncovered the D, said of the inscriptions: “They were what I would call triumphant inscriptions. They claimed their own space in large letters that not only expressed sexual desire but talked about the act of sex itself. And that is very, very rare.”

“We know that Greek islands were inhabited by the third millienium BC., but what we have found is evidence that, even then, people were using a coded language of symbols and imagery that was quite sophisticated,” he said.

Photo: Helena Smith

Amongst the findings was an engraving that read: “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona”  . This offers a fascinating insight into human history because, as we know and Dr Vlachopoulos points out, “sexual desire between men was not a taboo” and GET.IT, Ancient Greeks.