All Is Not Lost, Sydney’s World Bar To Reopen This Week Under New Owners

After the disheartening announcement that Sydney‘s iconic nightclub World Bar was shutting its doors, new owners have swooped in to effectively save the place and will reopen this week.

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Dane Gorrel and Matt Weir are the duo responsible for bringing back Club 77 from the brink of extinction and have taken over the former World Bar space to open up Cali Club from WednesdayDecember 12. The duo will be running the venue for a while as it is now, before refreshing the space.

The famed venue with the teapots (where everyone in the greater Sydney area probably had one of their first nights out on the town) is set to continue one of its most iconic weekly club nights, The Wall, which has hosted artists and producers like KwameOdd MobLuenPaces, and Joyride in the past.

The duo behind Cali Club recognises the importance of keeping Sydney’s nightlife kicking, considering they originally met in Kings Cross. As a DJ, one of Weir’s first-ever residencies was behind the decks at World Bar, and Gorrel has an extensive history with the city’s nightlife through his management of S.A.S.H‘s original home, The Abercrombie Hotel.

Nightclubs provide a space for artists and DJs to cut their teeth and connect with people through their music,” says Weir.

“Going out and listening to music is part of growing up, it helps shape identities and builds communities. We want to play a positive role in that part of people’s lives.”

We’re not sure if other World Bar stalwarts will return to Bayswater Rd, but for the time being, Jazz Jam is at the Bourbon Hotel, while Otto’s House Party has relocated to The Lansdowne Hotel.

Cali Club opens this Wednesday and will be open Thursday-Sunday, 3pm-4am every week, and we’re paying they bring back the teapots.