FBi Launches Kings Cross Pop Up Venue

Content not with ruling Sydney’s airwaves, celebrating its culture and breaking its bands – our pals at FBi Radio have set their sights on that amorphous beast known as Sydney nightlife, announcing plans to launch a pop up venue at the Coke sign adjacent Kings Cross Hotel.

In a statement released this morning, the station outlined plans to curate and host regular parties/gigs for their Sydney listeners: “FBi Social is a 200-person capacity venue with a 24/7 license located on the second floor of the Kings Cross Hotel, right across from the Coke sign. The space has been kindly given to us by Solotel, who are recreating the entire hotel to take it back to its roots as a live music venue/dive bar. We’re planning on presenting a minimum of three regular nights per week:

Each Thursday night will be presented by a different FBi specialist show with a focus on highlighting genres specific to Sydney’s live music scene (experimental, folk and alt country, lo-fi etc.)

Fridays will be a club night, presented by a rotating number of crews and DJ’s from across Sydney;

Saturday night will be a gig night, where we’ll look to book emerging and established Sydney and international bands.“

Can’t wait to see who they book. Also can’t wait to see “genre specific” bands without catching two trains and an inevitably late bus to some warehouse in Cracktown.