An Iconic Sydney Gay Nightclub Has Banned Hens And Bucks Parties From Its Venue & Fkn Oath

Universal Sydney

Legendary Sydney gay nightclub Universal has revealed the reason why they’ve nixed hens and bucks parties from their establishment, and honestly, good for them!

A ban on hens and bucks nights was first announced via the IG account, Gay News Sydney. Multiple unnamed sources who were reportedly close to the nightclub spilled deets on the ban, which was supposedly implemented as early as February 17.

(Source: Instagram / @GaySydneyNews)

“There’s definitely a place for women in gay bars who are there mostly for the same reasons we are: to enjoy the drag, the music and the people,” one source close to Universal told the IG Account.

“The exception to this are hens parties. Always terrible, always an issue.“

Another source added: “The ban isn’t on women – just a type of party. Anyone wearing hens paraphernalia, bridal sashes, dick paraphernalia is turned away.”

When asked about the ban, Dillon Shaw, Universal’s licensee, told Daily Mail Australia, “We’re a queer venue for queer people.”

“Universal is committed to being open and welcoming to ALL. It’s in our name,” another venue spokesperson said, per the publication.

“We choose to restrict bucks parties and hens nights from the venue, due to the increased risk of intoxication and anti-social behaviour often associated with them. 

“This forms part of our commitment to ensuring that Universal remains a safe place. 

“It’s important for us to clarify that this policy absolutely does not single out women or men in particular.”

(Source: Universal Official Website)

Universal is not the only Sydney bar to ban hens and bucks parties.

Slims Rooftop bar stated in their booking terms and conditions that “overt hens parties” that include penis straws & sashes were not allowed. They also note that bucks parties were also banned.

(Source: Hyde Park House Website / Slims Rooftop )

Honestly, I 100 per cent agree with the ban on hens and bucks parties at Universal. The nightclub has been a safe space for the LGBTQI+ community for yonks, and it should continue being that way. Also, there are so many places in Syd to celebrate your nuptials that don’t intrude on communities you don’t belong to!

Maybe try, like, Pontoon? or Cargo Bar, even?

Anyways, good on Universal.

Image Source: Instagram / @UniversalSydney