Federal Govt Makes A Women’s Network, Gives It A Dick And Balls For A Logo

Women's network logo, which is purple and has a 'w' and a phallic shape which makes it look like a penis and balls.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is incompetent at the best of times, but when it comes to building literally any rapport or relationship with women, it’s actually bizarre how much he continues to fuck it up astronomically. This time, by giving the new “Women’s Network” a whole penis for a logo. Satire is dead.

The Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Women’s Network is supposed to empower women and promote gender equality in the workforce.

According to its website, “the network priorities are founded on driving cultural change and encouraging men to drive this cultural change, particularly in areas where men can make a significant contribution.

“The network promotes women’s career success by facilitating opportunities for learning, networking and career mobility and encouraging flexible approaches to work.”

Except none of those words made a single impact on me once I saw the logo for the Women’s Network, which is unequivocally a penis and a pair of balls.

Women's Network logo, which is purple and phallic.

There’s even a curly little pube at the top. How feminist.

Now, I know. Penises are not exclusively male, and gender identity exists separately to genitalia. But I really doubt the Federal Government was aware of that nuance or that it was trying to be inclusive of trans and intersex women when this logo was approved.

Critics online don’t seem to think so anyway, with people either calling it a gravely ignorant mistake or a purposeful dig at women’s spaces.

One Twitter user aptly described the logo as reeking of “teenage boy malevolence”.

Even if it was somehow a genuine mistake, how on earth did no one catch this? It’s the milkshake consent debacle all over again.

Others described it as a tampon, though I don’t know if that’s better or worse. Both images invoke strong cis-normative ideas of gender and both of them are shit.

It’s only March and my 2022 bingo card is full.