In news that I truly wish was surprising, a Liberal senator has been called out for talking over a Federal MP *while* she was discussing women’s issues.

Western Australia Liberal Senator Ben Small and Jagajaga Labor MP Kate Thwaites appeared on an ABC panel on Tuesday to discuss the women’s March 4 Justice, gendered violence and respect for women in the workplace ahead of this week’s Question Time.

When it was Small’s time to share his opinion on Scott Morrison’s controversial bullets comments, he was able to speak freely and without interruption.

“I think it reflects the fact we can have disagreements in our democracy about any issue,” he said.

However, when it was Thwaites’ turn to answer whether she thought the criticism of Prime Minister Scott Morrison was too harsh, she could barely speak without being interrupted.

“No. The Prime Minister could just not be further from what is going on in this country,” she said.

“I was out at that march, as well as a lot of other Labor figures and some government figures were as well. The power, the anger, the feeling that people’s voices aren’t being heard. That is what the PM is not acknowledging.”

But before she could finish her answer, Small interrupted her to explain that Morrison invited protest organisers into Parliament House for a meeting. It’s worth noting here that they turned this down for a number of very valid reasons.

Clearly frustrated and upset by the fact that she was interrupted by a man *while* discussing women’s issues, Thwaites replied: “Are you really going to talk over me on this issue?”

“Ben, we’re talking about respect for women in the workplace, are you going to talk over me?”

Seemingly unable to get the hint that he should probably shut up and let her finish, Small continued talking to a point in which Thwaites actually just gave up completely.

“I will let you keep going then,” she said.

Unfortunately, by the time Thwaites was finally able to finish her sentence, she had lost her train of thought.

“Sorry, I have lost my train of thought a bit because I got talked over,” Thwaites said.

“The Prime Minister does not get it. He does not understand what is happening with women in this place and in this country.”

You would think just one week after International Women’s Day, and just a day after thousands of women marched to demand an end to gendered violence and disrespect by men, a male politician would have the decency to at least let his female co-panellist speak. You. Would. Think.