A Woman Who Was Shot During The Pro-Trump Attempted Coup On The US Capitol Has Died

A woman was reportedly shot dead during today’s violent siege of the US Capitol building, which saw supporters of President Donald Trump invade the American government hub in protest of his election loss.

Citing law enforcement sources, NBC News states a woman was shot by a law enforcement member and subsequently died from her wounds.

The New York Times states the “civilian” woman was pronounced dead at hospital. Her identity, and the identity of the person who shot her, have not been revealed.

The shooting came after a mob of Trump supporters successfully breached police containment lines at the Capitol, gaining access to the offices of elected officials and the Senate chamber itself.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Citing a Capitol official, Reuters states the Capitol Building has now been secured, several hours after the chaos first kicked off.

The U.S. Army has also deployed all 1,100 members of the D.C. National Guard in response to the crisis, according to the New York Times.

The siege occurred as Congress counted Electoral College votes, one of the final procedural steps before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20.

The arrival of Trump fanatics, buoyed by Trump’s endless claims that Biden’s election win was fraudulent, forced politicians to scramble into hiding.

Vice President Mike Pence, who earlier signalled that Trump was out of official options to contest the election, was reportedly rushed to a secure location while the MAGA mob roamed the Capitol premises.

Pence, who has had Trump’s back in every meaningful way since he first entered the Oval Office, also called on Trump extremists to stand down.

NBC News reports that Washington D.C. police have made 13 arrests during the Capitol siege. None of those arrested are thought to be local residents.

An improvised explosive device was also recovered, law enforcement authorities state, along with five weapons.