Pro-Trump Protesters Have Fkn Stormed The US Capitol ‘Cos They Can’t Accept Defeat

trump capitol

In cool, normal and incredibly democratic news, Trump supporters have breached the US Capitol in protest of Congress’ steps to confirm Joe Biden’s presidency. Welcome to 2021, where coup attempts are normal, apparently.

According to CNN, hundreds of protestors from the Trump camp broke through the barriers outside of the building, fighting with police officers who were decked out in full riot gear (for obvious reasons).

After 90 minutes of fighting with police, a number of protesters reportedly gained access to the building, prompting major security concerns for everyone inside. Obviously, the doors to the House and Senate were immediately locked following the breach.

Politicians inside the building have been told to shelter in place, with Congressman Mo Brooks tweeting that they were ordered to “grab gas masks under chairs.”

Interestingly, mobile phones aren’t allowed within the Senate chamber, which means that a number of people in the building were likely unaware of exactly what was happening.

CNN reports that the US Capitol Police called for backup from law enforcement to help handle the situation.

At approximately 2.40pm local time, police were able to begin evacuating members of Congress from the House, with the Washington DC mayor declaring a 6pm curfew to help minimise violence and destruction.

The news comes after President (not for much longer) Donald Trump said he would “never concede” and continued on his usual schpiel about election fraud, quickly throwing his Vice President Mike Pence under the bus for not having the “courage” to intervene.

However, it’s worth noting that as VP, Pence doesn’t actually have any real power during today’s Congress meeting and is basically just there as a formality.

Footage reportedly taken inside the building shows protesters fighting with police in what has been described as “full anarchy.”

In a disappointing, yet completely unsurprising move from the President who directly – or indirectly incited this, Trump has not called for his supporters to leave the premises, only tweeting that we should support law enforcement and “stay peaceful.”

It’s worth noting that we’re still two weeks away from Biden’s actual inauguration, which unfortunately means we’ll probably be seeing more of this sort of behaviour as we move closer to finalising the Democrats’ win.

If you thought 2020 was bad, we’re a single week into 2021 and you can already cross “attempted coup” off your bingo card.

More to come.