33 Y.O. Charged With Assault After Aussie Model Was Allegedly Attacked At Syd Halloween Party

A 33-year-old woman has been charged with assault following the alleged Halloween influencer party brawl that reportedly unfolded on Friday evening.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, a woman who was arrested in relation to an incident that happened at the MAXIM Hottest 100 Halloween party — which took place at Sydney’s Cafe Del Mar in Cockle Bay Wharf — has been charged with assault on Tuesday.

As per the publication, the alleged altercation involved Aussie glamour model Laura Lydall, who reportedly suffered a cut lip and bruised nose after the ordeal.

An anonymous source who claimed to be a witness of the brawl said that Lydall was “set upon by another glamour model”. The witness also claimed that venue staff didn’t step in to stop the clash.

(Image source: Instagram / @Laura_lydall)

“I was the only person at the event who had the balls to try and separate the onslaught of punches, kicks and hair pulling,” the anonymous source told Daily Mail Australia.

“The manager of the venue simply said it was a private function and gave that as a reason staff did not intervene.”

Lydall’s mother, Alice, reportedly picked up Lydall from the event after the alleged incident took place.

“She was punched in the head several times, she’s still in complete shock,” Alice told the publication.

“She wasn’t out looking for a fight, in fact she doesn’t go out much.”

The 33-year-old woman is due to face court on November 29, and the matter is due to be heard in Sydney’s Downing Centre Court on Wednesday.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to MAXIM Australia, Cafe Del Mar Sydney and Laura Lydall for comment.