Aussie Woman Allegedly Finds Bullet Lodged In Her Supermarket Roo Fillet

Welp. It’s not gonna take a ‘CSI‘-level of biological know-how to determine the animal’s cause of death in this case.

An unsuspecting consumer has allegedly gotten a little bit more than they bargained for when cutting into a fillet of kangaroo meat fresh off the BBQ.

In a Facebook post, Kath Milroy Pattingale shows off what appears to be a sliced fillet of roo, cooked medium rare, with a goddamned BULLET lodged firmly in the middle.

The post, made on the Woolworths Australia Facebook page, has attracted the kind of attention you’d expect a photo of a bullet lodged in a steak would get, and the image itself is certifiably gnarly.


Woolies are yet to respond to the alleged stray shrapnel, but Pattingale asserts the meat is in the fridge while she awaits a response which is… super. Just great, really.

What’s really gonna wrinkle your noodle later is how much the extra weight of the bullet tacked on to the ticketed price.

A spokesperson from Woolworths issued the following response to PEDESTRIAN.TV:

We take all customer concerns seriously and are investigating the issue raised.

There’s your Red Spot Special for the week, folks.