Woolies Is Coming For Coles With Their Own Line Of Collectible Xmas Minis

If you thought the great mini collectible war of 2018 was over, think the hell again. Mere months after Coles sent punters out of their minds with their line of tiny plastic goods, Woolworths is set to enter the game thanks to their own line of tiny festive friends.

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Woolies is tapping straight into the wild hysteria Coles’ line of small things created – one that spawned an ocean of Facebook groups and chaotic swap meets – by releasing their own Christmas Pop-Outs from this week, which is sure to send people ho ho hoff their bloody rocker.

The cardboard pop-out figures are being released in four rounds, once a week from this Wednesday, and feature “all your Christmas favourites such as Santa, Reindeer, Elves, Gingerbread Man, Snowman and more” according to a press release issued by Woolworths this afternoon.

Cute little cardboard foldout mates that won’t send people inordinately mad at all.

The tiny little foldable bonuses also come with an optional Christmas Tree Stand that houses the lot of of ’em, which is gonna be available at all Woolies stores for the low low price of just $3. Which seems about right.

The press release issued by Woolworths today also includes a tiny little thumb of the nose in the direction of Coles, who shipped their previous line of minis in lucky dip fashion, which helped contribute to the mania that surrounded them, noting that Woolies’ version will be fairer and a bit more transparent. Literally:

Customers will also be able to see what they are getting as the “Woolworths Christmas Pop-Outs” will not come in ‘blind plastic bags’ to help avoid duplication or disappointment and minimise waste.

So there ya bloody well go. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.