Here’s Everything That’s Actually Open This Easter Long Weekend

Whether you observe the holiday for religious reasons, or just enjoy having time free from the burden of work, Easter is upon us! And while all the sweet sweet public holiday is a godsend, many are left unsure what is open on the Easter long weekend. 

Now, rather than letting you wander over to your local bottle-o only to find it’s closed, or making you go hungry for the weekend because you forgot to stock up on groceries, here’s a list of everything that is open and closed over Good Friday to Easter Monday.

You’re welcome. Send us some choccies and we’ll call it even.

Are supermarkets open over Easter?

Supermarket duopoly Coles and Woolworths are definitely on the Naughty List at the mo’ for alleged price gouging. Lucky for them it’s Easter, not Christmas.

And even unluckier for all us plebs who shop there, most major supermarkets (including Aldi and IGA) are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

As for Easter Saturday and Monday, most Coles, Woolies, Aldi, and IGA stores are back open with varying hours. Be sure to check your local before popping your socks on and choofing over! 

Are fast food stores open over Easter?

While bottle shop workers and hospitality staff may enjoy a day or two off over the Easter long weekend, the poor souls at fast food stores are not so fortunate.

McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, and even Guzman y Gomez stores will remain open over all of Easter.

Ran out of passover bread and can’t duck to Coles? Just ask the staff at Maccas for a bunch of Big Mac buns instead. Problem solved.

Are post offices open over Easter?

For those of you trying to send mail, or pick it up from the post office because you didn’t get to the door before the postie jumped back in their car and ran off with your goods, then bad news: post offices are shut.

Australia Post confirmed it will not be making any deliveries over the Easter period.

Clearly they don’t want to communicate with the Easter Bunny, who will doing its usual overtime delivery shift on Saturday night. 

Are cinemas open over Easter?

For whatever reason that I cannot understand, major cinema chains remain open over the entire Easter long weekend.

As someone who has a Certificate IV in Theology, I can confirm that the Biblical reasoning for this is because Jesus’ last wish was that his true followers honour him on Good Friday by watching Kung Fu Panda 4.

Are bottle shops open over Easter?

We both know this is the real reason you are here.

Due to trading laws about essential workers getting public holidays, the sale of alcohol is prohibited in some states on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Turns out it’s to give the maximum people a day off if you make selling booze illegal, rather than let employers find loopholes and make people work. 

Though the bottle shops are back open with fewer hours on Easter Saturday, they close again the next day, and open again with limited hours on Easter Monday. 

So, if you are reading this on Thursday night… stock up. Haha, JK… unless?

And if you are reading this at the crack of dawn on Good Friday morning and have nothing in the fridge… apologies. 

Are food delivery services operaint over Easter?

Menulog, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Foodora, and Menulog are all-stations-go for the duration of the four-day public holiday.

However, the options as to what you can order for a cheeky meal will depend on what restaurants and kitchens are open in your area. Your app of choice will let ya know.

Additionally, service times may operate slower than usual due to it being a public holiday, and less people are available to deliver your pan-fried pork dumplings.

Are banks open over Easter?

Most banks will be closed on Good Friday, with most closed through until the following Tuesday.

This is not because Jesus hated banks, but because the banks hate him for setting up a high-interest account 2000 years ago and never withdrawing it. True story.

RIP Jesus, you were a real one for taking that extra day to resurrect ya’ self and score us the Monday off.

Take a week next time. Cheers.