Here’s Everything That’s Actually Open This Easter Long Weekend

good friday easter long weekend what's opening

I bet you’re scratching your little noggin, wondering what the hell is open on the Easter long weekend. Well, the only thing that SHOULD be open is your bibles, you sinners. Nah jokes, let’s get into this yarn already so we can find out if the bottle-o’s doors will be shut or not.

Easter is the one time each year when we mourn the day that the Easter Bunny sacrificed his life for ours. Truly momentous, if you ask me.

The period of four days is so momentous, in fact, that many stores across the country decide to close for the whole duration. However, some places only close for one or two days.

It can be a task and a half trying to remember what’s going on during this time, so we’ve got you covered.


Supermarkets, tricky little fellas they are.

Most major supermarkets are usually closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. Confusing, I know.

Woolies and Aldi usually stay true to this but of course, some stores may cheekily open up. Always check your local because it might be open while the rest of the nation remains barred from stocking up on broccoli.

Coles, however, is a bit different. Some select stores in SA and WA are open on Good Friday.

Then on Easter Sunday, everything opens up for the whole country except some select stores in SA. I have no idea what makes SA so special here, but slay.

Yes, you could drive three hours from NSW to ACT to get your Coles fix, if you really wanted to.

Big retailers

When it comes to Kmart and Big W the only guarantee is no stores open on Good Friday.

On the rest of the days, it’s a mixed bag. Some stores will choose to open while others will remain closed.

Be sure to check your local Kmart or Big Woolworths before you go hunting for a Live Laugh Love chaise lounge throw.

IKEA on the other hand is closed on Good Friday and open the other days, unless you live in NSW where it will close again on Sunday.

Similar story over at Bunnings, which is closed on Good Friday everywhere but opens back up as normal from Easter Saturday onwards. Unless you live in NSW, where a couple of stores will be closed on Sunday.

A few SA stores will also be closed on Easter Sunday.

The true mystery of faith over the Easter Weekend is figuring out which damn store will remain closed.


Got an all-important letter to send to your all-important pen pal? Too fkn bad. If Jesus couldn’t send letters during this time, neither can you.

Most mail services will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, so hold onto that letter.


A majority of cinemas across the nation will swing their doors open for the folks who can’t get groceries, go to Bunnings or send mail.

Thankfully, the new Mario movie is out to distract you from the fact that you can’t buy a new Monstera for your living room this weekend.

So, start making a list of flicks you wanna catch and go see ’em all! You’ve got four days!


The ever-sacred land of mummy’s night juice. Surely they’d be open, right? If churches can have wine surely we can too?

Well, no. We can’t. Technically.

On Good Friday, Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s and BWS will shut up shop. A large batch of these stores will open back up on Easter Saturday, but with limited hours.

Then most stores will close again on Easter Sunday and open up with limited hours again on Easter Monday.

So for the most part, prepare to be PARCHED.

Food delivery

Menulog, Uber Eats and your other associated food delivery apps are still functioning, and whatever restaurants that’ll be open (it really is a case-by-case kinda thing) will still sling you tasty treats as normal.

You might have a little extra wait, of course. After all, it is the Easter long weekend.


Most banks will be closed on Good Friday. Money withdrawals on the day of our good lord the Easter Bunny? Think again you capitalist fuck.

Some banks will remain closed right through until Tuesday, so just make sure you check before you walk into a closed store with a bag teeming with cash (if you still use that ancient currency).