7 Underrated ’90s Trends That Are A Viral TikTok Away From Popping Off Again

Nothing says the ’90s like the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Vanilla Ice “Ice Baby” and MC Hammer (and his pants).

Nothing also says the ’90s like butterfly clips, glitter eyeshadow, jelly sandals, velvet dresses and me going through my most awkward teen phase – puberty.

While I remember this decade well (because seriously, who could freaking forget it), those in the gen below me may have a little trouble understanding the fashion, the trends and the music — which by the way, are all making a serious comeback.

If you’re a lover of those cute little butterfly clips, you might be surprised to know that I was rocking them in 1997. Love velvet? Yup, we did it first. And then, of course, if you belt out The Horses at any big event (RIP Sydney), that was first released in 1991. See what I’m doing here?

If you love Oldskool 90s tunes, ultimate pop princess Dannii Minogue has joined LiSTNR as the host of the Oldskool ’90s Hits station and the LiSTNR exclusive podcast series The ’90s with Dannii Minogue — a nostalgic trip back through each year of (arguably) the best decade of all.

To celebrate, I thought I’d compile a list of seven of the ’90s trends that are yet to come back, that I’m sure are primed to pop off sooner than you think. You’re welcome.

1. Mini Backpacks

Man, I had a few of these and couldn’t fit a damn thing in them. Now that our iPhones can do everything for us, we only really need to carry around a phone, wallet and keys. Bring them back, stat.

2. Overalls

I rocked a few pairs of overalls in my time, even ironing on my own Winnie the Pooh motif on one. Yes, I was THAT good. To be fair, these denim delights should never have gone out of fashion. They were the original playsuit and are so naff they’re actually cool AF. I predict a full comeback (and not just because Taylor Swift is already doing it).

3. A Viral Dance Trend that Is Done At Every Birthday Party Everywhere

Hey TikTokers, those coordinated dances you do? We did them first! In 1996, the world was #blessed with The Macarena by pop band, Los Del Rio, and it’s only a matter of time until another song like this is released for the entire world to play on repeat.

4. Slap Bracelets


I was not averse to a slap bracelet. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had about ten of them at one point. Not only were they fun to put on, but frankly, they were damn cool and with the influx of fidget spinners, bubble pop its and slime. Next up? These bad boys!

5. OG Skechers

Before you @ me, I know Skechers are still around… but not the ones we had in the goddamn 90s. These were chunky, so in Vogue and the best thing of all: “That’s the difference between like and love. Like I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.” “But I love my Skechers?!” “That’s because you don’t have a Prada backpack.” Gold.

6. Boxy Blazers

Blazers are the ultimate workplace ensemble. Paired with denim jeans for a more casual look, you truly cannot go wrong. In the 90s, they absolutely went wrong with the boxy kind, but just you wait, these will be turned into a dress in no time.

7. Shipping a Sitcom TV Couple

Friends Warner Bros.

’90s TV couples were the OG #relationship goals. Living vicariously through these TV romances was honestly one of the best things about the ’90s. Think lobsters, Ross and Rachel, from Friends (still not over them crushing on each other IRL), Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek and Dylan and Brenda from 90210. With the influx of reality TV and an insane amount of streaming services, we just don’t have couples like this to universally ship. Bring it back!

Having some serious flashbacks reading this article? Listen to Dannii’s new podcast The ’90s with Dannii Minogue or dance to Oldskool 90s Hits station on LiSTNR.