A Terrifying Crowd Crush Has Injured Up To 7 People In A Sydney Westfield

Crowd crush is a terrifying phenomenon that usually occurs at music festivals – it’s basically when there’s a surge of people into one space, leading to individuals falling over and getting trampled, or squashed due to pressure from bodies around them.

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One place I just didn’t expect to hear about one occurring was inside a Westfield shopping centre, but here we are. A crowd crush has occurred at Westfield Parramatta.

According to 9 News, there are a bunch of shopping centres doing big giveaways in the lead up to Christmas. Westfield Parramatta was one of them, dropping a fucktonne of balloons filled with prizes into one of those foyer-spaces shopping centres have. You know, the ones where they used to have weird kids performers or CD signings of people like Guy Sebastian.

What they didn’t expect was for punters to rush the space in such a mass that a literal crowd crush occurred. The footage is absolutely insane, and quickly goes from fun to terrifying.

Twelve people had to be treated by paramedics on site for injuries, with five people reportedly having to be taken to hospital.

Credit: 9News

According to news.com.au, there will be no ongoing police investigation.