There are few things more humbling than being on public transport with a 48-pack of toilet paper. Now, to save us car-less folks the embarrassment, Uber have today launched a drop-off and pick-up service at select Westfield shopping centres.

How will it work? The idea is that Uber will have its own designated  spots in the parking lot, so the pin will auto-drop there.

The new spots at Westfield. (Image credit:

Now, there’s no worries about hopping in along the main road or quickly shoving your groceries into the back while lots of cars beep you the fuck out.

At the moment, there are only three Westfields involved: Sydney‘s Bondi Junction & Warringah Mall, as well as Western Australia‘s Whitford City. But that’ll all change soon enough – they’re keen to roll it out across 20 shopping centres by December.

Image: Clueless