Chris Hemsworth Refutes Claims He Used Drinking Water To Feed His Drought-Stricken Garden

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Chris Hemsworth has hit back at reports he’s been using drinking water to feed his drought-stricken garden in Byron Bay, calling the whole debacle “a complete lie.”

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The rumours originally stemmed from a Sydney Morning Herald article, claiming “a fleet of water trucks” had been sent to replenish his garden, “estimated to have cost around a million dollars”.

Daily Mail then ran with the story, prompting Hemsworth to refute the claims on Instagram today. Hold back, he did not.

“This is a complete lie,” Hemsworth captioned a screenshot of the Daily Mail article. “Normally I wouldn’t respond to false articles like this but it bothers me a lot. The water truck was purely for drinking water because like everyone in the region who is not connected to town water we have run out of potable water due to the drought. NONE of my garden is fed by drinking water.”

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“Thanks for your concern #dailymail and thanks for adding more distress to an already brutal situation the whole country is dealing with,” he finished the post. “Merry Xmas”

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